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BigCommerce Backups
For Your Store
(restore in a few clicks or let us do it for you)

BigCommerce Backups
- Save Your Work -

Whether due to a misplaced click or second thoughts about some changes, you may find yourself wishing for a mulligan, a do-over, or a time machine. While we don’t have a time machine, we have the next best thing: 7-day rolling backups of your BigCommerce store catalog and copies of your template files and images going all the way back to the day you signed up for our BigCommerce backup service.

BigCommerce Catalog Backups

Each day we use BigCommerce low-level tools to make a copy of your entire catalog, except for any option set rules, which cannot be exported, and store it in our database on the Oracle Cloud. We fire off this process at a time you specify, ideally after your workday ends. Before we replace the "current" version of your catalog in our system, we take the last current version and turn it into a backup. Easy! (Not really.)

To restore, if you just need a field or two back, then our interface helps you find what you need and get it back in place in just a few clicks. If you have more complex needs like recovering from errors in an uploaded CSV file or accidental deletion of entire records, we’re here for you: just give us a call and we will work on getting your data back at no additional charge.

BigCommerce Template Backups

This is an awesome solution, if we do say so ourselves. Each day we analyze your template files (panels, snippets, product images, CSS, and JavaScript files) and store any changes away in a private repository.

The process of restoring from these backups is a little more involved but it boils down to this: call us. We can either email you a file or two, stage the files for you to download, or give you read-only access to the repository so that you can browse for yourself (requires Git skills). However we do it, there is no additional charge.

Backups are (Really) Affordable Insurance for Your BigCommerce Store

Backup Daily, Restore Whenever

Daily BigCommerce Catalog Backups

By default, we keep a seven-day rolling backup of your catalog. So, if you need something restored to the way it was up to seven days ago, we've got it.

  • Backups are made daily, starting after the time you specify. Custom backup schedules are available by request.
  • Anything that can’t be restored (like Google Product Search Mappings and Configurable Fields), we can export and email to you.
  • Option Set Rules can’t be backed up, but we can work with you to convert these to product or SKU rules.

Review, Edit, and Restore

Review, Edit, and Restore

Just like our editing tools, you can review and edit catalog data to be restored before you publish it to your store.

  • See all pending restores in one place, what we call a recording, to make sure all necessary changes are complete.
  • Have a detailed record of what was restored and when.
  • Satisfied with the data to be restored? Publish it to your store with a few clicks.

Template Editor - Backup Your BigCommerce Templates

Daily BigCommerce Template Backups

We examine your template files daily and save any changes to a private repository.

  • Restore any product image, panel, snippet, CSS file, or JavaScript file from backup.
  • Backups go all the way back to the day you signed up for our service.
  • We help restore your items at no additional cost.

And, BigCommerce Backups are Just the Beginning

A solid backup system is just one of the services we offer and, if that’s all you need, then our Backups service plan is just for you. Our Full Access plan includes backups and much more:

Edit, Review, and Publish

As great as BigCommerce is, we have a little something that makes it that much better: you can make changes to your catalog data in our system, review and edit the changes as necessary, and then publish them to your store, either immediately, or at a time of your choosing.

You can have multiple projects going on, what we call recordings, and publish them independently of each other. Need to push out some price changes but are already in the middle of a big project to tweak your page titles? Not a problem, just set up a new recording for your price changes and, when you are done with your edits, publish that recording independently of the page title changes that are still in the works.

Tabular Editing

For each major catalog object (Products, SKUs, Categories, etc.), we have an interface for editing the data in a tabular fashion, similar to what you would see using Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. The tabular editing pages also support filtering and saved forms, so that you do things like save an editing form that shows all products missing meta descriptions (actually, we have that one pre-defined for you!).

Once you’ve updated 25 sale prices in 60 seconds instead of 30 minutes, you’ll never want to go back. It’s a lot easier to make edits when you don't have to repeatedly go through the process of searching for a product, changing tabs, and finding the field to edit. With tabular editing you can pull up multiple records on a single page, decide which fields are visible, and edit them all without searching again.

Show Price Changes in Option Values

Create templates for option values that include the price change that happens when your customer chooses that value. This requires a little JavaScript be included in your product template, which we can explain or add for you.

If choosing a size XXL adds $3.00 to the price, you can set up a template to show that option value as "XXL (+ $3.00)", "XXL (Adds $3.00)", "For $3.00, Upgrade to XXL", or any other text string that includes the option value and the price, in any order. If the pricing rule changes, the option value will update automatically.

The Consistifier

A funny name, but it really describes the cool thing this tool helps you do. For all of the major catalog objects and most of the attributes of those objects, The Consistifier shows you the set of unique values for that attribute and lets you replace any of those values with a new value.

If you have, say, product availability descriptions that include "ships in three days", "ships in 3 days", "shipps in 3 days" (a typo!), and "usually ships in less than four days", The Consistifier will let you change all of those to a single, consistent value like, "Usually Ships in Three Days", all with a few clicks. We love this one!

Catalog Copies

If you need to make a sweeping price change or have a sale coming up, we can create a full copy of your catalog in a separate account that you can then use to set up all of your changes without interfering with the normal daily operations of your store.

Big sale in the works? Set up a "Temporary Sale" version of your store catalog that you can edit away in, well ahead of the sale. When you are ready for your catalog changes to go into effect, publish them. When the sale is over, you can undo all of the changes in a few clicks.

Upcoming price increase? With a version of your store named "Price Increase", you can update all of your prices without any changes to your main store until you are ready for the new prices to go into effect.

Custom Forms and Reports

Customized tools don't have to cost a fortune. We have already done all of the complicated work of creating systems to import your catalog and then publish your edits, so creating custom forms and reports is easy. Yes, we charge for this, but we keep it reasonable: it could be as little as $50 for us to create something that helps you do a little chore in a fraction of the time it takes you to do it within the BigCommerce catalog editing system.

Custom tools can make an enormous difference in your day-to-day operations. BigCommerce has to work for everyone, but we just have to work for you!

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This Access Fee is a monthly recurring payment. Additional hourly fees for data entry and development services may apply.

  • Catalog and Template Backups
  • Perform simple catalog restores yourself, or let us help with complex restores
  • We help restore template files at no additional cost
  • Restoration Support is Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 Central

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This Access Fee is a monthly recurring payment. Additional fees for data entry and development services, persistent storage, data transfer, and CPU utilization may apply based on your requirements.

  • Full Access, plus...
  • Dedicated schema in our Oracle database
  • Dedicated Application Express workspace
  • Usage of our message queues hosted at Rackspace
  • Phone Support, Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 Central

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